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International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology/Vol.6, No.6 (Dec-2016)/

  • Relative statistics of elements Concentration in Human teeth using X- Ray Fluorescence Technique
    Pages : 2004-2009
    Kadhim A. Aadim, Ali A-K. Hussain and Asmaa N. Ahmed
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Calculation of Distribution of Stress Micro Electro-Mechanical System by using Finite Element Method
    Pages : 2010-2013
    Mohammad Qasim Abdullah, Hatem R. Wasmi, Jasim Mohammad Abid and Omar Ali Jassim
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Calculation of Natural Frequencies of Micro-Motor by using Finite Element Method
    Pages : 2014-2016
    Hatem R. Wasmi Mohammad Qasim Abdullah, Jasim Mohammad Abid# and Omar Ali Jassim
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Extension of Sub-Compatible and Sub-Sequential Continuous Maps in G-Metric Space
    Pages : 2017-2019
    Syed Shahnawaz Ali, Jainendra Jain‡ P.L. Sanodiya and Shilpi Jain
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Effect of Nanosilver Particles on Human Blood, Biochemistry Study in Vitro Condition
    Pages : 2020-2022
    S. J. Beden, K. J. Beden and A. H. Mohsan
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Effect of Sterilized Ag Nano Particles using γ-irradiation on human blood (in Vitro) Biocompatibility
    Pages : 2023-2026
    S. J. Beden, Saad.M.Abd and K. J. Beden
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Research Paper on Performance and Emission Analysis of CI Engine for 100% POBD with Different Proportions of Biogas
    Pages : 2027-2037
    Vipin Kumar Patel and Ravindra Randa
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Review on Design and Validation of Performance of Particle Impact Damper
    Pages : 2038-2041
    Vivek U. Sakhare, A.S. Aradhye and B.S. Gandhare
    Abstract  | PDF
  • The Pathway to Net Zero Energy Buildings: A Practical Practitioner Guide
    Pages : 2042-2049
    Celine Manoosingh, Bonnie McMakin and Debalina Ghosh
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Implementation of Handwritten Character Recognition using Template Matching
    Pages : 2050-2052
    Ayushi Chudgor and Vinaya Sawant
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Driven axle with dual final drive ratio
    Pages : 2053-2057
    Srinivasan Ekambaram and Shoaib Hassan!
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Performance of Working Fluids in Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Technology & Different Applications
    Pages : 2058-2066
    Gaurav Kulkarni and Susmit Joshi
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Overview of Dual-mode Operation of Scramjets
    Pages : 2067-2076
    Susmit Joshi and Gaurav Kulkarni
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Analysis Parameter of Digital Color Image Demosaicing using RGB
    Pages : 2077-2081
    Diksha Shrivastava and Krinsha Gopal Soni
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Internet of Things for Smart StoreKeeper
    Pages : 2082-2085
    Revathi Lavanya Baggam
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Performance Evaluation of 8-Bit Vedic Multiplier with Brent Kung Adder
    Pages : 2086-2090
    Nidhi Singh and Mohit Singh
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Calculating Dose Conversion Factor Experimentally for Cs-137 Radionuclide for Radioactive Waste at Metallic Drums
    Pages : 2091-2093
    Saad M. Abd, Ismail H. Al-Musawi and Jalal N. Hussein
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Energy Efficient and Delay Based on PSO with LST Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network
    Pages : 2094-2100
    Pooja Singh and Raghav Yadav
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Improving Naphtha Octane Number by using UV Rays under Atmospheric Pressure
    Pages : 2101-2109
    Haroun Shahad and Hayder A.M. Hashim
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Experimental Investigations on Exhaust Emissions of Di Diesel Engine with Tobacco Seed Biodiesel with Varied Injection Timing and Injection Pressure
    Pages : 2110-2115
    G. Laxmaiah and M.V.S. Murali Krishna
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna having New ‘4 square’ Shaped Metamaterial Structure at 7.33 GHz
    Pages : 2116-2119
    Meenu Sharma and Sandeep Bharadwaj
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Numerical Study on the Effect of Insulation Materials on the Single Zone building Performance
    Pages : 2120-2125
    Balsam H. Abed
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Monitoring of Industrial Process Parameters using LabVIEW
    Pages : 2126-2129
    Raj Thummar, Kalpesh Chudasama, Raj Koshiya and Dilip Odedara
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Passive cooling of a space by solar chimney
    Pages : 2130-2138
    Majid H. Majeed and Ali A. Mishaal
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Design of Experimentation of Engine Head Bolt by Finite Element Analysis
    Pages : 2139-2142
    K. B. Jundale and N. D. Misal
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Geographical Region based Linear Representation to Minimize CO2 for Green Cloud Computing
    Pages : 2143-2148
    Manish Kumar Singh and Raghav Yadav
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Analysis and simulation of Network Inaccessibility in LR-WPAN using NS2
    Pages : 2149-2153
    Vinamrata and Pramod Kumar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Noise Cancellation in Presence of Transient Noise using Spectral Clustering
    Pages : 2154-2160
    Ruchita Bari and M. R. Bachute
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Planetary Differential Speed Dependent on Engine
    Pages : 2161-2166
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Recent trend analysis of hydro-climatic data in the upper and Niger Inland Delta of the Niger River basin (West Africa)
    Pages : 2167-2177
    Moussa Ibrahim, Abdouramane Gado Djibo and Abel Afouda
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Effect of Cutting Parameters on Tool Life
    Pages : 2178-2182
    Sandip A. Kale and Nitasha B. Chaudhari
    Abstract  | PDF
  • An Evaluation and Comparison of Water Quality between Urban and Peri-urban River Reaches
    Pages : 2183-2186, DOI:
    Laura Kusari
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Review on Active, Semi-active and Passive Vibration Damping
    Pages : 2187-2191
    Vishal K. Bankar and A.S. Aradhye
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Treatment of Water and Wastewater by using Roughing Filter Technology of Local Materials
    Pages : 2192-2198
    Jabbar H. Al-Baidhani and Zaid H. AL- Khafajy
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Experimental Modal Frequency and Damping Estimation of Viscoelastic Material by Circle Fit Method
    Pages : 2199-2204
    Chandan K. V. and Patil A. P.
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Distributed Embedded System for Automatic Solar Tracking Mechanism: A Theoretical Approach
    Pages : 2205-2211
    Tapas P. Guha and R. V. Kshirsagar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Analysis of Wavelet Denoising with Different Types of Noises
    Pages : 2212-2217
    Kishan Shivhare and Gaurav Bhardwaj
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Real Time Data Monitoring of PV Solar cell using LabVIEW
    Pages : 2218-2221
    Maulik Vyas, Kalpesh Chudasama#, Manan Bhatt and Bhavin Gohil
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Kinetics and Thermodynamics study of Zinc Ions Adsorption onto the modified Nanobentonite
    Pages : 2222-2227
    Shahab. A. Nasseri, Ali .I. Yagubov, Abdolali. A. Alemi And Ali. N. Nuriev
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Automated Malaria Parasitemia Estimation from Thin Blood Smear Images
    Pages : 2228-2230
    Anil N.Rakhonde and Pramod B. Patil
    Abstract  | PDF
  • EIA of Sustainable Evacuating Houses by using Waste Materials from Surrounding Environment
    Pages : 2231-2238
    Tamer Elgohary and Manal Yehia
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Computational Stress Analysis of a Composite Multi Leaf Spring
    Pages : 2239-2242
    Mohammed Hussien Rady
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Effect of Adhesive Joint on the Performance of Shoe Brake
    Pages : 2243-2247
    P.P. Hujare and Rashmi Nemade
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Comparative Study of the Compaction Soil According of two Routes: Conventional Work and Permanent board
    Pages : 2248-2255
    Rim Jalel, Anis Elaoud, Nejib Turki, Nahla Ben Salah and Sayed Chehaibi
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Influence of the Magnetic Device on Water Quality and Production of Melon
    Pages : 2256-2260
    Anis Elaoud, Nejib Turki, Hamza Ben Amor, Rim Jalel and Nahla Ben Salah
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Intensity of rising flow of hot gases
    Pages : 2261-2263
    Hameed Khalaf Saleh
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Study of Intelligent Intrusion and Detection System based on Snort tool
    Pages : 2264-2267
    Abstract  | PDF
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