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International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology/Vol.5, No.2 (April-2015)/

  • A Real Time Implementation of Microcontroller Based Propeller Clock
    Pages : 600-602
    Abhijeet Chincholkar, Pragati Sawarkar, Krutika Bobade, Puja, Kolhe, Snehal Tayade and Swapnil Kharate
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Magnetorheological Fluid Based Design of Variable Valve Timing System for Internal Combustion Engine using Axiomatic Design
    Pages : 603-612
    S. M. Muzakkir and Harish Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Thermosolutal Instability of Magneto-Hydrodynamic Flow through Porous Medium
    Pages : 613-615
    Saroj Choudhary
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Kinetic Adsorption Study of Maltose Osmotic Agent onto Granular Activated Carbon in SET Technique
    Pages : 616-624
    Sami Al-Aibi, Jenan Al-Najar, Hammed B. Manhood and Farideh Hamilton
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Website build using AJAX and SQL Server 2008
    Pages : 625-628
    Suvarna Arango, Kamayani Tiwari, Priyanka D’souza and Sharan Varghese
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Tribological Investigation and Development of Brass composite Bearing Material
    Pages : 629-634
    Sagar Shinde and R. R .Navthar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Optimization of Sustainable Spur Gears Manufacturing
    Pages : 635-639
    Haider M. Mohammad and Farah M. Abdul Razzaq
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Performance of Organic overloaded WWTP Comprise Primary followed by Secondary Attached Growth Biological Treatment- Case Study
    Pages : 640-644
    Aly O.H.I and Sami A.I. Daif
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Management of Natural Resources and Impact on the Environment
    Pages : 645-650
    Afrim Selimaj and Adem Dreshaj
    Abstract  | PDF
  • CIELAB Color Spaces of Reactive Dyed Cotton Fabric Predisposed by Correlated Color Temperature of Illuminant and Depth of Shade
    Pages : 651-655
    Salima Sultana Shimo
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Flexible Divider with Reduced Area and Power
    Pages : 656-658
    S.Preskovia and P.Vigneswari
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Carapace for Intranet Security of Linux Harding
    Pages : 659-672
    Premchand Ambhore, B B Meshramr and Archana Wankhade
    Abstract  | PDF
  • PI–Controlled Shunt Active Power Filter for Effective Elimination of Harmonics in Transmission System Based on PQ Theory
    Pages : 673-680
    Janardhanarao K, Sudhakar Kothuru and Vijay Kumar B
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Effect of Base Oil on the Anti-Wear Performance of Multi-Walled Carbon Nano-tubes (MWCNT)
    Pages : 681-684
    S. M. Muzakkir, K. P. Lijesh and Harish Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Multiple File Reader with Doc Editor
    Pages : 685-687
    Raunak Jayant Sirsat, Mayuri Narayan Moharkar and Rahul Chandrakant Khedekar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Comparative Study of MapReduce and Pig in Big Data
    Pages : 688-691
    Radhiya A. Arsekar, Ankita V. Chikhale, Vaibhav T. Kamble and Vinayak N. Malavade
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Performance Based Seismic Design
    Pages : 692-699
    Pravin P. Kokate
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Factor Effecting Electro-Deposition Process
    Pages : 700-703
    Sunil Kumar, Shivani Pande and Prateek Verma
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Adhesion Failure Behavior of Ni-TiO2-Al2O3 & Ni-Al2O3 Composite Layers Coatings Evaluated using Microscratch Testing
    Pages : 704-707
    Sunil Kumar, Shivani Pande and Prateek Verma
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Activity Based Access Control Model for Cloud Computing
    Pages : 708-713
    Salil Ajgaonkar, Harish Indalkar and Jaya Jeswani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Factors Influencing Treatment of Nitrate Contaminated Water using Batch Electrocoagulation Process
    Pages : 714-718
    Kamal S. Pak
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Design of Magnetorheological Brake using Parabolic Shaped Rotating Disc
    Pages : 719-724
    Chiranjit Sarkar and Harish Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Finite Element Analysis of Magnetorheological Brake using ANSYS
    Pages : 725-732
    Chiranjit Sarkar and Harish Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Failure Analysis of a Center Bearing Bracket Mount of a Propeller Shaft in BS-II Buses
    Pages : 733-738
    M. Jeevan Prasad, G. Guru Mahesh and D. Krishna Mohan Raju
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Cloud Mirroring: A Technique of Data Recovery
    Pages : 739-742
    Shilpi U. Vishwakarma and Praveen D. Soni
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Data Security for Email System in XML Format using Graceful Code and Graphical Password
    Pages : 743-745
    Rutika S. Ingole and V. B. Bhagat
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Novel Methods for Digital Image Authentication by Detecting Traces of Demosaicing and Illuminant Color Inconsistencies
    Pages : 746-750
    Shweta P. Kachhawal and Avinash P. Wadhe
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Model Study of Tour Planning for Mobile Data Gathering Mechanism in WSN
    Pages : 751-753
    Raza Shah, Pallavi Ghadse, Vivek Chavhan, Pooja Satbhai, Vilas Khandare and Sachin Kukurde
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Automated Examination Support System
    Pages : 754-757
    Bondre Rutuja Avinash, Durgi Varsha Vijaykumar, Mohite Pradnesh Rajeev, Parkar Vishal V
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Review on different Patching Techniques
    Pages : 758-761
    Suchi Kumari and Sanjeev Ranjan
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Trials and Analysis on Belt Conveyor System used for Cooling of Casting Mould
    Pages : 762-767
    S. P.Mane, P. A. Mane, C.G.Harage, and R. R. Prajapati
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Study of Different Levels for Sentiment Analysis
    Pages : 768-770
    Seema Kolkur, Gayatri Dantal and Reena Mahe
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Producing More Crops in Automated Irrigation System using WSN with GPRS and Zigbee –A Review
    Pages : 771-777
    Sweeti. A. Parwatkar and V. B. Bhagat
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Review towards Email Security by using Message Encryption and Digital Signature
    Pages : 778-780
    Radhika P. Yawale and V. B. Gadicha
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Review on Securing Audio Watermarking System using Discrete Fourier Transform for Copyright Protection
    Pages : 781-784
    Rushali J. Watane and Nitin R. Chopde
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Seismic Response of Cellwise Braced Reinforced Concrete Frames
    Pages : 785-793
    Kulkarni J. G., Kore P. N. and Swami P. S.
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Review of X-to-MapReduce Translator for Evaluation of various Commands on a Cloud
    Pages : 794-796
    Neha N. More and V.B. Gadicha
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Study of Composite Sandwich Structure and Bending Characteristics– A Review
    Pages : 797-802
    G.R. Rayjade and G.V.R. Seshagiri Rao
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Review on Fuzzy Model for Human Face Expression Recognition
    Pages : 803-806
    Akshay Adsod and Dinesh Datar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Review paper on Authorized Duplication Checker in Hybrid C cloud
    Pages : 807-811
    Priyanka K. Shinde and Avinash P. Wadhe
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Retrospective on Literature Review of Milling Parameter Optimization using Non-Traditional Optimization Methods
    Pages : 812-817
    B.Sreehari, S.Srinivasa Rao and K.Mallikarjuna
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Impact of Implementing Japanese 5S Practices on Total Productive Maintenance
    Pages : 818-825
    Richa Sharma and Jagtar Singh
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Effect of Location of Shear Walls on Seismic Performance of Buildings
    Pages : 826-833
    S.A. Halkude, C.G. Konapure and S.M.Birajdar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Structure of Carbon Nanotubes Grown by Arc-Discharge Technique under Argon, N2 and O2 Atmosphere at Different Conditions
    Pages : 834-839
    Izzat M.AL-Essa, Ghazala Y. Hermiz and Ghuson H. Mohammed
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Centralized E-Book Storage using Cloud
    Pages : 840-842
    Dhiraj Gawas, Jayasankar Ramakrishnan, Dinesh Joshi and Nilesh Khochare
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Moving Object Tracking with OpenCV on ARM Cortex-A8 in surveillance Applications
    Pages : 843-848
    B.Dhananjaya, B. Rama murthy and P.Thimmaiah
    Abstract  | PDF
  • College Office Automation System
    Pages : 849-851
    Praful Gavaskar, Sachin Gupta, Diksha Patil and Vikas More
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Fly Ash as an Alternative Energy Efficient Building Material for Cement
    Pages : 852-855
    Shruti Mutkekar and Shweta Patil
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Impact of Big Data Analytics on Business Intelligence-Scope of Predictive Analytics
    Pages : 856-860
    P. Soumya Sree Laxmi and P.Sree Pranathi
    Abstract  | PDF
  • The Review towards Technique using Futuristic Head Band Approach to Human Mind
    Pages : 861-864
    Snehal S. Gulhane and C. J. Shelke
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Review on Various Approaches for Detecting and Preventing Content Leakage using Traffic Pattern of Transmission
    Pages : 865-867
    Sneha U. Agalawe and Nitin Chopde
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Optimization of Reaction Parameters by Response Surface Methodology
    Pages : 868-873
    Sandeep S.Haral, S.D.Dawande, D.P.Deshpande and A.V. Adwant
    Abstract  | PDF
  • E–Shaped Coaxial Feed Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN and WIMAX Applications
    Pages : 874-876
    Shailesh Kumar, Gajanand Jagrawal and Deepak Billore
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Review of Location based Services using Contexting with Levels of Adaption
    Pages : 877-881
    Ku. Neha Ghatole and P.P.Pawade
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Automated Security System using Surveillance
    Pages : 882-884
    P.Vigneswari†, V.Indhu, R.R.Narmatha, A.Sathinisha and J.M.Subashini
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Full-Scale Modeling of the Soil-Structure Interaction Problem Through the use of Hybrid Models (HYMOD)
    Pages : 885-899
    George Markou, Reem Sabouni, Farah Suleiman and Rana El-Chouli
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Comparative Study of Rock Strength and Petrophysical Properties Derived from Core and Log Data
    Pages : 900-906
    Okotie Sylvester and Ichenwo John-Lander
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Study of messenger and Wi-Fi sharing in android
    Pages : 907-909
    Nikhil Mendonca, Jeffrin Jolly and Yesu Mariadas
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Structural Morphology and Electrical Properties of Vacuum Evaporated SnS Thin Films
    Pages : 910-917
    Bushra A.Hasan and Eman M. Nasir
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Geochemical Studies of Groundwater in Hebbahalla Watershed, Mysore District, Karnataka, India
    Pages : 918-930
    Sumithra S, Nagaraju D, Siddalingamurthy S and Balasubramanian A.
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Value Stream Mapping: A Continuous Improvement tool for Reduction in Total Lead Time
    Pages : 931-934
    Shweta S. Salunke and Sunith Hebbar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Dynamic Business Model Outsourcing for Data Integrity in Clouds
    Pages : 935-941
    Vijay Benjamin Lochan and Narender Kumar Gupta
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Assessment of Groundwater quality for irrigation in the Tattekere watershed, Periyapatna and Hunsur taluks in Mysore District, Karnataka, India
    Pages : 942-948
    Ramakrishna, D.Nagaraju, A. Balasubramanian, and Siddalingamurthy. S
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Longer Fatigue Life for Asphalt Pavement Using (SBS@Clay) Nanocomposite
    Pages : 949-954
    Farag Khodary
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Carpooling Application in Android
    Pages : 955-958
    Avila Antao, Venisha Correia and Savio Gonsalves
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Experimental Investigation on the Effect of KCL and Bentonite on Shale Stability
    Pages : 959-965
    Ichenwo John-Lander and Okotie Sylvester
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Application of Copper Nanoparticles on Oxidation of Alanine in Acid Aqueous Medium
    Pages : 966-973
    Shikha Jain, Niharika Nagar and Vijay Devra
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Review Paper on Dynamic Analysis of Building
    Pages : 974-975
    Pralobh S. Gaikwad and Kanhaiya K. Tolani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Online College Portal
    Pages : 976-980
    Tejaswini Chavan, Deb Dutta, Michelle Gomez and Alvino Vaz
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Frictional Characteristics of Brake Pads using Inertia Brake Dynamometer
    Pages : 981-989
    Chiranjit Sarkar and Harish Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Conceptual Design of Magnetorheological Brake using TK Solver
    Pages : 990-993
    Chiranjit Sarkar and Harish Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Efficient Similarity Search over Encrypted Data on Cloud
    Pages : 994-998
    Ankur Verma, Bhagyashri Patki, Priyanka Sawant , Prajkta Waingankar and Dike Onkar D
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Antibacterial Effect of Ag Nps/Agar Composite Films Synthesized by Hydrothermal Method
    Pages : 999-1003
    Zainab Sabeeh Sadik, Dunya Fareed Salloom, Sarmed Salih Mahdi and Enas Diaa Salah Alden
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Failure analysis of Magnetorheological Brake
    Pages : 1004-1008
    Lijesh K.P. and Chiranjit Sarkar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Routing for Wireless Mesh Networks using Agent based Scheme
    Pages : 1009-1014
    Pushpender and Sohan Garg
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Design and Implementation of Forensic Framework for Video Forensics
    Pages : 1015-1018
    Ashish Kumar Kushwaha and Avinash P. Wadhe
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Speed Breaker Power Generation and Compress Air
    Pages : 1019-1021
    Chodankar Bhushan R, Jitkar Ashish K., Kashimbare Sagar B,Magdum Pravin P and Jadhav Ganeshkumar V
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Android Based Smart Home System
    Pages : 1022-1025
    Gayatri Kulkarni, Priyanka Gode, Jadi Pratap Reddy and Madhura Deshmukh
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Intelligent and Adaptive Headlight with Electronic Controlled Power Steering System (IAEPS)
    Pages : 1026-1029
    Harshal Mohite, Bhushan Mahangade, Maruti Gholase, Sharada Kattgihalimath and Sandip Kumbhar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Hydraulic Rebar Cutter
    Pages : 1030-1033
    Patil Rohit R., Jadhav Amol K., Khot Amol M.,Patil Kishor A.,Jadhav Vinayak B. and Malagave S.S.
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Survey on Heart Disease Diagnosis and Prediction using Naive Bayes in Data Mining
    Pages : 1034-1038
    B.V. Baiju and R.J. Remy Janet
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Comparison of Hierarchical Clustering Methods in Machine Cell Formation: A Case study
    Pages : 1039-1045
    Mayuresh Kutte and Keshav Valase
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Comparative Approach for Analysis of Image Restoration using Image Deblurring Techniques
    Pages : 1046-1049
    Pooja Dhole and Nitin Chopde
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Reading Assistant for the Visually Impaired
    Pages : 1050-1055
    Anusha Bhargava, Karthik V. Nath, Pritish Sachdeva and Monil Samel
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Performance Characteristics of Karanja Biodiesel and its Blends in a C.I. Engine
    Pages : 1056-1059
    Satnam Singh and Jitender Jot Singh
    Abstract  | PDF
  • IPV6 Deployment Status for Higher Education Institutions’ Website of Ministry of Education Malaysia
    Pages : 1060-1067
    Abdulghader Fiaz Saad Abulkasim and Adi Afindi Ahmad
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Wavelet Resolution Merge and Histogram Equalization Applied to Remotely Sensed Data
    Pages : 1068-1073
    Pallavi M and Shivakumar B R
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Studies on Biodegradability, Morphology, Physicomechanical and Thermal Properties of Pp/Potato Starch Bio-Composite
    Pages : 1074-1084
    Srabayeeta Basu Roy, Subhas C Shit, Ranjan A Sengupta and Premal R Shukla
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Measurement of land using Satellite Images
    Pages : 1085-1090
    R. K. Moje, N.S. Jangam, G.U.Murkar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Optimization of Centrifugal Pump Impeller Outlet Vane Angle by using Modal Analysis
    Pages : 1091-1095
    Kotakar Sandeep Gulabrao and D.S. Khedekar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Facial Expression Recognition from Color Images using Log Gabor Filter
    Pages : 1096-1099
    Jeny George
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Thermal Thinning of Magnetorheological Fluid and its effect on MR brake performance
    Pages : 1100-1103
    Chiranjit Sarkar and Harish Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Shear Behavior of Magnetorheological Fluid and its effect on MR brake performance
    Pages : 1104-1108
    Chiranjit Sarkar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Enhancement of Wear Performance of Commercial Lubricant Using Zinc (Zn) Nano-Particles as Anti-Wear Additive under Mixed Lubrication Conditions
    Pages : 1109-1111
    S. M. Muzakkir
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Experimental Investigations on Effect of Tungsten Disulphide (WS2) on Wear Performance of Commercial Lubricant under Mixed Lubrication Conditions
    Pages : 1112-1114
    S. M. Muzakkir and Harish Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Innovative-Tribo-Design of Variable Valve Timing Mechanism: Need and Concept
    Pages : 1115-1124
    S. M. Muzakkir and Harish Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Probabilistic Design of Spur Gear
    Pages : 1125-1132
    Lijesh K.P. and Harish Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Experimental Investigations of Performance of Rice Bran Biodiesel and its Blends in a C.I. Engine
    Pages : 1133-1136
    Amarpreet Singh, K. S. Dhillon and Jagpreet Singh
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Thermal Performance of Spiral Heat Sinks for LED Lighting Modules
    Pages : 1137-1141
    Sai Sharan Yalamarty, Royston Marlon Mendonca and Chandrakant R Kini
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Comparative Study on Shaft Alignment Systems (SAS)
    Pages : 1142-1147
    Lijesh K.P. and Harish Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Voltage Profile Improvement of Low Voltage Distribution System using D-STATCOM
    Pages : 1148-1151
    Arathi Sunkara and Sudhakar Kothuru
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Business Support System using Hybrid Classification Algorithm
    Pages : 1152-1156
    Fiyansh Shah, Kritika Walinjkar and Sonal Maskeen
    Abstract  | PDF
  • ATM Security using Fingerprint Authentication and OTP
    Pages : 1157-1159
    Rathishala Rajendran, Kavita Anandraj, Edwina Jacob and Chhaya Narvekar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Landslide Hazard Zonation using Remote Sensing, Ground Penetrating Radar surveys and Geographical Information System in Katteri Watershed, Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu, India
    Pages : 1160-1169
    Gopal Sharma and S. Sanjeevi
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Experimental Study on the Rheological Properties of Polymer Solutions and Solid Suspensions
    Pages : 1170-1177
    Kamal S. Pak and Manar T. Nasser
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Image Transformation and Compression using Fourier Transformation
    Pages : 1178-1182
    S.S.Pandey, Manu Pratap Singh and Vikas Pandey
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Simulated Moving Bed Technology for the Separation of Fructose from Date Syrup
    Pages : 1183-1190
    Karim Gabsi, Maher Trigui,Ahmed Noureddine Helal and Suzelle Barrington
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Artificial Neural Network-CFD Model to Predict the Bio Production Rate of High Fructose Date Syrup
    Pages : 1191-1198
    Karim Gabsi, Maher Trigui, Khaoula Abrougui and Ahmed Noureddine Helal
    Abstract  | PDF
  • BFA optimized intelligent controller for path following unicycle robot over irregular terrains
    Pages : 1199-1204
    Abdullah Almeshal, Khaled Goher, Mohammed R. Alenezi, Ahmad Almazeed, Jamal Almatawah, Muhammad Moaz and Najat Al-rashed
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Improvement of Superconducting Properties of (Bi, Pb) -2223 added with Nano-Particles SnO2
    Pages : 1205-1210
    Bushra A. Aljurani and Mohammed N. ALdulaimi
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Tensile Properties and Microstructural Characteristics of Friction Welded Similar Joints of Aluminium Alloys
    Pages : 1211-1216
    S.R.Sundara Bharathi, A.Razal Rose and V.Balasubramanian
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Design of Valve System using Optimization Approach
    Pages : 1217-1223
    S. M. Muzakkir and Harish Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Design of Spur Gear Considering Contact Stress using Probabilistic Approach
    Pages : 1224-1231
    Lijesh K.P. and Harish Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Analysis of Steam Turbine Coupling Finite Element Method
    Pages : 1232-1237
    Lijesh K.P.
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Improving Security for Folders in Windows by using Bluetooth and Rijndael Encryption
    Pages : 1238-1242
    Dhanraj Poojari, Ankita Kesarkar, Nikita Saple and Alka Srivastava
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Load Frequency Control in an Interconnected Hydro–Hydro Power System with Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Units
    Pages : 1243-1248
    V. Rajaguru, R. Sathya and V. Shanmugam
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Count based K-Means Clustering Algorithm
    Pages : 1249-1253
    Wilson Joseph, W. Jeberson and Klinsega Jeberson
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Review on Hydrogen Supplementation in Compression Ignition Engines
    Pages : 1254-1272
    Haroun A.K. Shahad and Emad D. Aboud
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Experimental Analysis on the Influence of Spindle Vibrations of CNC Lathe on Surface Roughness using Taguchi Method
    Pages : 1273-1276
    Vijay Mohan Shetty, Mahesh Pallapothu and Vamshi Reddy Pothuganti
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Masked Face Detection based on Micro-Texture and Frequency Analysis
    Pages : 1277-1281
    Surya Prakash Dwivedi and A.K. Shukla
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Review of Medical Image Enhancement Techniques for Image Processing
    Pages : 1282-1286, DOI:http://Dx.Doi.Org/10.14741/Ijcet/22774106/5.2.2015.121
    Sargun and Shashi B. Rana
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Review of an Underground Conveyor using Composite Materials
    Pages : 1287-1291
    Shrikant Hinge and Nitin Ambhore
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Detection of Current consumption using Motor Current Signature Analysis
    Pages : 1292-1297
    P. Venkata Vara Prasad, V.Ranjith Kumar, V.Naresh Babu and S. Naga Kishore
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Simulation of Charge Sensitive Preamplifier using Multisim Software
    Pages : 1298-1302
    Niharika Sukhrani and Prakash Vaidya
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Effect of Depth of Periphery Beams on Behavior of Grid Beams on Grid Floor
    Pages : 1303-1309
    S. A. Halkude, C. G. Konapure and S. P. Pasnur
    Abstract  | PDF
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