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Biosorption of As(III) from contaminated water onto low cost palm bark biomass

Author : Suantak Kamsonlian, S. Suresh, C.B. Majumder, S. Chand

Pages : 153-158
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In present investigation removal of As (III) ion from contaminated water by biosorption using palm bark (PB) biomass under various experimental conditions was carried out. Fourier transmission infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and scanning electronic microscopy (SEM) were used to analyze the characteristic of palm bark (PB) biomass.  The optimum pH of 7.5 and temperature gradient of 250C were obtained for the efficiency of biosorption of As (III) ion. Moreover, 87.5% maximum percentage removal of As (III), 2.31 mg/g uptake capacity and 90 minutes contact time were achieved, respectively. Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms were used for sorption equilibrium studies. Freundlich isotherm was better fitted to equilibrium sorption data with linear regression coefficient (R2 =0.991).


Key Words: As (III) ion, Biosorption, Palm Bark, Parameters optimization, Isotherm models.


Article published in International Journal of Current  Engineering  and Technology, Vol.2,No.1 (March- 2012)




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