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Bending, Buckling & Vibrational Analysis of Laminated Composite Beam

Author : R.S.More, A.S.Sayyad and P.D.Jadhao

Pages : 1796-1799
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In the present paper, hyperbolic shear deformation theories are presented for the bending, buckling& vibrational analysis of laminated composite beams. The transverse shear stress can be obtained directly from the constitutive relations satisfying the shear stress free surface conditions on the top and bottom surfaces of the beam. Governing equations and boundary conditions of the theory are obtained using the principle of virtual work. Navier’s solution technique is employed for the solution of simply supported beams. The axial displacement, transverse displacement, normal and transverse shear stresses are presented in a non-dimensional form and are compared with previously published results.

Keywords: laminated beam, hyperbolic shear deformation theory, shear stress

Article published in International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, Vol.6, No.5 (Oct-2016)

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