Article Published In Vol.4,No.3 (Sept-2014)

  • A Review on Influence of Geometry and Other Initial Conditions on the Performance of a PCM Based Energy Storage System
  • Author  :  G.D.Shinde and P.R.Suresh
  • Pages   :  214-222
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  • Abstract

Latent heat storage (LHS) is one of the most effective ways of storing thermal energy. Unlike the sensible heat storage method, this method provides much higher storage density, with a smaller temperature difference. Phase Change Materials (PCM) are suitable for this application due to their high storage density and isothermal operation. Important aspect in LHS system is the design of storage, which has considerable effect on heat transfer. The study of melting and solidification phenomena of Phase Change Material (PCM) needs to be understood for the design of thermal storage systems. One of the serious problems associated with the operation of PCM storage system is the heat transfer in and out of the element containing the PCM. Three aspects have been the focus of this review: influence of geometry, the influence of finning on capsule surfaces on the heat transfer enhancement and influence of some other aspects on the thermal performance. Problems in long term stability of the materials, such as corrosion, phase segregation, stability under extended cycling or subcooling are discussed

Keywords: Fins, Heat transfer, Latent heat storage, Phase Change Material (PCM), PCM storage geometry.

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.4, No.3 (Sept-2014)